Why Is This Blog Unique?

Hey, you guys! Chuck here!

In my last blog post I explained who I am (a 35 year old para-pro/street-performer from West Michigan) and what I am doing here (teaching you my personal secrets for energy and success). I explained that when the reality TV star became the Republican nominee for the President of the United States of America, I realized that I don’t understand any of this and that if I’m going to live in a universe that I don’t understand I should at least be really high-energy! I likened the universe to a car, in that I don’t understand how it works and yet I can still operate it!

Once I accepted that I don’t understand any of this, I began looking for the secrets to being high-energy and successful. I devoured self-help books and I watched hundreds of hours of youtube videos of motivational speakers, psychologists, entrepreneurs, and spiritual gurus. I began learning the secrets to being high-energy and started applying them to my life. I studied the wisdom of the great mystics and gurus of the last 3,000 years and looked for the common themes they all shared.

In this blog I am going to discuss the secrets to energy and success! But, if you’re familiar with Tony Robbins, Dale Carnegie, or even Ric Flair, it won’t be anything new! In this blog I’m going to discuss how, much like a car, we can operate the universe even though we don’t know how it works! But, if you’ve studied Socrates, Bodhidharma, or even Alan Watts, it won’t be anything new!

So what makes this blog unique?

What makes this blog unique is that I am not speaking to you from the pinnacle of success! Other writers reach the top of the mountain and then, looking down at all of their accomplishments, tell you what their secrets to success are. They have the luxury of looking back and cherry-picking all of the good stuff. What I’m doing here is kind of like a self-help book in reverse. I’m still climbing the mountain! As I climb, I’m going to tell you what tools I will use to succeed! When I achieve success, the lessons I taught along the way will be more convincing because you watched me as I used them!

I have had many successes and I will continue to have many more successes. But, in many ways, I’m not what society would consider a successful person. I’m 35, living with my mom, making around twelve grand a year. I have experienced many failures and frustrations. But, that is turning around now that I’ve started using the tools to success. I’ve quit drinking, I’m making more money than I spend, I’ve lost a lot of weight, and I’m very high-energy! These successes will serve as the groundwork for my future successes! I’m going to have many successes and I plan on sharing all of it with you!



    1. Well, if I can inspire at least one person to become alcohol-free then I will consider my blog a success! So, if you wanted to be the reason for my success, that would certainly do the trick!


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