Toothaches And Bats

Hey, you guys! Chuck here!

2016 was the best year of my life thanks to a lot of smart lifestyle changes I made! And I would not have made those lifestyle changes if it had not been for toothaches and bats!

In his excellent book Awaken The Giant Within, Tony Robbins discusses how people will not make the positive lifestyle changes that they need to make until they experience what he calls an “emotional threshold”, a certain point when you hit a level of pain that you’re not willing to settle for anymore. He says that; “This is the magical moment when pain becomes our friend. It drives us to take new action and produce new results“. I reached my emotional threshold back in June when I had what I refer to as the worst week of my life.

I had had impacted wisdom teeth which needed to be removed immediately, but I had been putting it off for far too long. On the evening of May 30th 2016 my lower, left wisdom tooth began to ache severely. I drank some whiskey, I took some aspirin, but it did little to help the pain. I ended up getting about three hours of sleep that night. On the morning of May 31st I showed up to work sleep deprived and in severe pain. The following eight hours were hell, on several occasions I had to dismiss myself to the bathroom so my co-workers wouldn’t see me cry! Not only was I in pain, but my pain was preventing me from doing my job. I felt useless and that was even worse than the physical pain I was experiencing. I took the following day off to go see a dentist, but the pain would linger for a few more days.

Finally Friday evening rolled around and I had gotten myself a bottle of Peroxyl and a twelve pack of Founders Centennial IPA. I figured the Peroxyl would temporarily clear up my infected wisdom tooth and the beer would alleviate my pain and help me get a full night’s sleep. I was right! The Peroxyl cleaned up the current infection and the beer knocked me out, I got about ten hours of sleep and woke up on the morning of June 4th 2016 feeling pretty amazing! My toothache was gone for now and I could rejoin productive society. I headed on down to the bathroom for my morning whiz and who should be waiting for me at the bathroom door but a dirty, disgusting, confounded, son of a gun bat!

I freaking hate bats and the moment I see one I become hysterical. I screamed like a banshee, ran back to my room, and slammed the door! My brother was woken up by the noise and didn’t even need to ask. “Stay in your room. I’ve got this,” he said in an understandably annoyed voice. I stood there in my room shaking in my boots while my brother executed the very simple task of removing a bat from the house. Once again, I felt useless and that was even worse than the fear I was experiencing.

Within five days I had experienced two separate instances where my own suffering had rendered me a useless sack of bones. I hated that feeling! That was my emotional threshold and I recognized after that that I needed to make drastic lifestyle changes to improve my physical and emotional health. I realized that in order to be useful to other sentient beings, I need to take care of myself first! I’m a lot more useful to people if I’m happy, healthy, and well-rested! The worst week of my life had inspired me to seek out the secrets to energy and success!

Now, I hope you never have to endure what I went through that week! But, my hope is that if and when you should reach your emotional threshold, you pull yourself up and make the drastic changes that need to be made. Pain can become a useful friend! Use your pain to motivate you to make really positive changes in your life! And if you have any questions or you have something you’d like to see me talk about on this blog, feel free to email me at my new high-energy email address!






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