A World Where Everyone Wears Chuck Taylors Pt. 2

Hey, you guys! Chuck here!

In my last post I discussed how 2016 was the best year of my life even though everyone else seemed to think it was pretty awful! I explained that this was due to the fact that I had rewired my brain to focus on more positive and useful things! I explained how what we focus on becomes our reality and I used this analogy; I wear Chuck Taylors, therefore I live in a world where everyone wears Chuck Taylors. I don’t literally live in a world where everyone wears Chuck Taylors, but because I wear Chuck Taylors my brain automatically focuses on people who do and creates for me a reality in which everyone wears Chuck Taylors. And just as my brain has been wired to focus on Chuck Taylors, I intentionally wired my brain to focus on positive and useful things.

At this point you may be thinking that maybe I just had a really good year. After all, I did quit drinking, I lost a lot of weight, and people gave me a lot of money! I had many successes! Maybe 2016 was the best year of my life because it objectively was! But, I would argue that 2016 could have just as easily been the worst year of my life if my brain had been wired to focus on negative and useless things!

I could have focused on the way the DNC robbed Bernie Sanders of his opportunity to be the President of the United States of America! That was definitely a bummer!

Back in June my impacted wisdom teeth had become infected to the point where I could no longer chew solid foods. It wouldn’t be until October that I was finally able to get them removed. That’s right! For four months I was unable to eat solid foods! My diet consisted of yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies, and tofu scrambles! I also suffered numerous, painful toothaches! And I often bit my cheeks when I talked!

And, when I did finally get my wisdom teeth removed, we discovered that my mild hemophilia wasn’t as mild as we had initially thought. When the bleeding didn’t stop, I had to be taken to the emergency room. I spent seven hours being poked with needles and pumped full of coagulants.

Bernie was robbed! No solid foods for four months! A seven hour trip to the ER! So many bad things in 2016! But, my brain had been wired to focus on positive and useful things! Each of these bad things became a learning opportunity. From Bernie, I learned that one high-energy person can change the hearts of millions of people! From my four months of not being able to eat solid foods, I learned that I’m capable of eating a much healthier diet than I had been my entire life! From my trip to the ER I learned that my hemophilia is something I should take seriously and I started wearing a medic-alert bracelet!

Rewire your brain to focus on positive and useful things and together we will have many successes in 2017! And if you have any questions or there’s something you would like to see me discuss on this blog, email me at my new high-energy email address chuckishighenerg@gmail.com


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