My Diet Pt. 1

Hey, you guys! Chuck here!

Over the last week I’ve been pretty immersed in a project and now that I’m done with that project, it feels like my brain is kind of off for the weekend. So with all of my inspiration kind of sapped at the moment, I feel like today is as good of a day as any to discuss my diet. I get a lot of questions about my diet, so  I might as well get that out of the way now.

My diet is awesome! It requires no willpower, I never go hungry, and I’ve been consistently losing about two pounds a week! Since 2017 started, I’ve lost eleven pounds and as long as I keep doing the very easy thing I’ve been doing, I will keep losing weight and will no doubt hit my ultimate weight loss goal within the 2017 calendar year! As I’ve said in a previous post, willpower is a limited resource, so any diet that relies on willpower will eventually fail. You need good habits, and right now I have really great habits! I have the best habits!

First off, I limit my daily caloric intake to 2,300 calories a day, not including vegetables. My actual daily caloric intake is probably around 2,500 to 2,600. I don’t know exactly, because I don’t count the vegetables. I do this in order to encourage myself to eat more vegetables, and it works. I arrived at the number 2,300 through simple trial and error. When the number was 2,500 or higher, my weight loss grinded to a halt. When I limited my caloric intake to under 2,000, my hunger became unmanageable. For me, 2,300 is the magic number where I won’t get hungry and I keep losing weight. This number will be different for everyone, you’re going to have to do your own trial and error to figure out what your number is, and that number will probably change over time.

The second most important factor to my diet is that I eat the same thing everyday. Successful people eat the same thing everyday! The Rock eats the same thing everyday! Steve Jobs ate the same thing everyday! Jesus ate the same thing everyday! And I eat the same thing everyday! Eating the same thing everyday allows you to develop eating habits that are actually habits! Habits are great! Habits are learned behavior patterns that don’t require willpower, and like I said, not having to rely on willpower is the most important thing of all! Eating the same thing everyday is what allows me to consistently keep my daily caloric intake below 2,300 without going hungry! I’ve learned, through months of trial and error, which foods satisfy me the most for the least amount of calories and I’ve brought those selected foods on board as my full time players!

Now an objection I keep hearing from people is that eating the same thing every day is boring. This is because we’ve been hypnotized to think of food as a source of amusement. Imagine if we applied this thinking to every area of our lives! Is it boring to sleep in the same bed every night? Is it boring to hang out with the same group of friends every weekend? Is it boring to worship at the same church or temple every Sunday? So much of our life is built around enjoyable routines, why do we feel like food needs to be something different? It doesn’t. And once you get into the habit of eating the same thing everyday, you will find it easy to eat the same thing everyday, because you will have gotten into the habit of eating the same thing everyday. It’s just that simple. Give up your pursuit of novelty and start pursuing success!

So, those are the basic principles behind my diet! First, find a daily caloric intake that allows you to lose weight without going hungry! Second, find the foods that best satisfy you while staying within that daily caloric intake! And third, eat those foods everyday! Eat the same thing everyday! So that’s it for now, I suppose in my next post I’ll go into detail about what exactly I eat everyday! Unless my inspiration comes back, in which case I’ll save it for another day! And remember that if you have any questions, you can always email me at my high-energy email address!



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