Alcohol Hypnosis Pt. 1

Hey, you guys! Chuck here!

So, as I’ve said in previous posts, I am a 35 year old para-pro/street performer who is sharing with you the keys to success before I have yet to achieve my greatest success. I have had many successes! I’ve lost 153 pounds, I’ve quit drinking, I enjoy my work, and I make more money than I need to survive! I have had many successes! But, far greater successes await me! In this blog I am going to tell you my secrets to success and I am going to apply them in my own life and document my successes on this blog! Seeing my successes as they happen will make the lessons more effective!

As I’ve also mentioned in previous posts, when the reality TV star became the Republican nominee for the President of the United States of America, I recognized that I don’t understand any of this and that I need to be high-energy if I’m going to have success in a universe I don’t understand! He became officially nominated around mid-July, but we were aware of its inevitability by early June. That was when I made the conscious decision to pursue the secrets of energy and success! I determined that the first feat I needed to accomplish was to be alcohol-free! I recognized that as my number one priority! For the first couple months, I focused on nothing else but becoming alcohol-free!

I decided to make becoming alcohol-free my number one priority because it struck me as my greatest hurdle! I had been a functioning alcoholic my entire adult life! The night I turned 21 I went out and bought a six-pack and that behavior had been habitual for thirteen years! I realized that I had no idea what it’s like to be an adult without alcohol! I had no idea how to socialize without alcohol! I had no idea how to have fun without alcohol! I had no idea how to unwind from my day and settle into a restful mode that would allow me to drift off into a peaceful night’s slumber without alcohol! Being alcohol-free would require me to basically relearn almost every aspect of my adult life!

When I told people of my desire to quit drinking, they always acted surprised. I never struck them as someone with a problem. Sure, they had their anecdotes about times when I got a little extra rowdy. But, I never seemed to have a problem. I never got violent. I never made any horrible decisions with irreparable consequences while drunk. I was a functional alcoholic. But, I no longer wanted to be merely functional. I wanted to be high-energy. I wanted to have many successes.

I recognized that there’s something unnatural about the way I (and many, many people in our society) think about alcohol. I have come to the conclusion that it is the result of some sort of hypnosis. I had been hypnotized by society and myself to think about alcohol in a certain way. Our obsession with alcohol is too irrational. We would not be this excited about a drug that makes us fat, depressed, and low-energy unless there was some sort of hypnosis going on. My addiction to alcohol was mental not physical. My brain needed to be rewired. In order to quit drinking I needed to change the way I define alcohol and myself. “Alcohol is a sedative! I’m high-energy” became the mantra that I would use to self-hypnotize.

Society tells us that alcohol is a social-lubricant! It makes white people dance! It’s liquid courage! Many different mantras. I gave myself a new mantra. And I had to repeat it to myself many times in order for my brain to accept it as reality. But, it does work! If you want to quit drinking, but you seem stuck, you can’t imagine your life without alcohol, just repeat this mantra; “Alcohol is a sedative. I’m high-energy!” It might take a while, though. It was a little over a month from the moment I purposed to quit drinking to the day I actually began my alcohol-free lifestyle. In my next post I’ll discuss what I did in that month to rewire my brain. In the meantime, if you have any questions or you have something you’d like to see me discuss on this blog, email me at my high-energy email address



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