Alcohol Hypnosis Pt. 2

Hey, you guys! Chuck here!

In my last post I told you that our society’s unnatural obsession with alcohol is a result of hypnosis and can be countered with self-hypnosis. Society has hypnotized us to think about alcohol in a certain way. We can hypnotize ourselves to think about alcohol differently. We can hypnotize ourselves to think about ourselves differently. I proposed the mantra “Alcohol is a sedative. I’m high-energy!”. This mantra redefines alcohol and ourselves.

Society tells you that alcohol is a social lubricant and you’re awkward and shy. Society tells you that alcohol makes white people dance and you’re white and awkward and shy. Society tells you that alcohol is liquid courage and you’re thirsty and cowardly and white and awkward and shy. Through hypnosis, society tells you how to define alcohol and yourself. Society tells you that there’s something wrong with you and alcohol can fix it. Through self-hypnosis you can change the way you define alcohol and yourself. You can tell yourself that you’re great and alcohol will only spoil you!

Back in June when I decided that I needed to quit drinking once and for all, I didn’t quit drinking right away. Instead I focused on redefining alcohol. I decided to continue to drink alcohol, but I would only use it as a sedative. I never drank at bars or parties. Instead, I would wait until I got home and allowed myself to drink alcohol for its sedating effects. When people would ask me why I wasn’t drinking, I explained that I didn’t drink when I went out because it made me sleepy. This was true. Alcohol makes me sleepy. I would assure people that when I got home I would proceed to get wasted. This made people feel better.

That’s right! It made them feel better to find out that I would be drinking later! You are going to find that when you tell people that you don’t drink anymore, it’s going to make them feel bad. I should just go ahead and prepare you for this now. People are going to feel bad when they find out you quit drinking. I’ll probably write a separate blog post for this phenomenon later!

But back to my initial point, telling people that I don’t drink in public because it makes me sleepy but I’ll drink at home to help me relax so that I can drift off into a peaceful night’s slumber had two effects. First, I didn’t get any of the initial pressure you will get from people when you tell them of your intentions of becoming alcohol-free. And second, the more I went around telling people that alcohol is a sedative the more it became my reality.

In Robert Cialdini’s book Inlfuence: The Psychology of Persuasion, he discusses what he calls the six “Weapons of Influence”. Number two is consistency. Human beings have a subconscious urge to be consistent. The more I told people that alcohol had an overwhelming sedating effect, the more I came to believe it and the more it came to be real to me. In order for my brain to be at ease with itself, it had to match my own perceptions of alcohol with what I was telling people my perceptions of alcohol were. I was effectively hypnotizing myself to see alcohol as a sedative. I had turned alcohol into benadryl with a crap load of empty calories! When I told people that I thought of alcohol as a sedative, the social animal in me needed to be consistent with the words I was saying!

The next step was to redefine myself! The words I chose to redefine myself were “high-energy”. These words allowed me to define myself in a positive way that would be spoiled by alcohol! Alcohol is a sedative, I’m high-energy! I no longer saw alcohol as a solution to something that was wrong with me! Rather, I saw alcohol as something that would spoil the very best thing about me!



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