Weight Loss

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Hey, you guys! Chuck here!

I thought I would take a little time on this beautiful Ash Wednesday morning and talk a little bit about my massive weight loss and my ultimate weight loss goal which I will definitely achieve in 2017! I think Ash Wednesday is a great day to discuss this, because we’re all thinking about what changes we can make to better ourselves! I love Lent, it’s like a second chance at all of our failed New Year’s resolutions! And I definitely have some of those! But, that’s okay, anyways…

Here’s a picture of a picture of me when  I was 18 and fat!


This is me playing in a praise band at Vacation Bible School at the First Baptist Church of Hastings in, I believe, the summer of 1999. This is one of maybe 3 or 4 surviving photos which document me at my heaviest, I avoided getting my picture taken at all costs! At my heaviest I was 340. I don’t know if I’m there in this picture, but I’m definitely well over 300! The “Raw Is War” t-shirt I’m wearing in this picture is a 4 XL!

My massive weight loss is really not that admirable! I lost most of the weight in my twenties just because I switched up my bad habits! In my early twenties I traded in Taco Bell for Old Crow and my new bad habit accounted for about eighty five percent of my weight loss! So I’m well aware that losing weight and being healthy are two very different things! But, now I am doing both, losing weight and being healthy!

I’m currently weighing in at 182, which means my total weight loss is 158 pounds. My ultimate weight loss goal is 170, because then I will be literally half of what I used to be! When I tell people this, I get a lot of skepticism. People worry that maybe that is too thin. So, here’s a picture I took of myself about thirty minutes ago!


Look at me! Very slender and healthy! The Iron Man 2 soundtrack t-shirt I’m wearing in this photo is a medium! But, you will note that I do have some love handles going on and I have some fat deposits under my arms! I can definitely afford to lose another 12 pounds! And I will definitely do that in 2017! I will definitely achieve my ultimate weight loss goal and weigh one half of what I did at my heaviest! How many people can say that they’ve lost half of their body mass! This will truly be one of my greatest successes and I look forward to sharing it with you!

I know I will definitely do this because I have worked out a system which requires no willpower whatsoever! Since the New Year started I have been eating 2,300 calories a day and exercising approximately 45 minutes a day! With my current lifestyle, body type, and karma, this diet and exercise routine result in me consistently losing one to two pounds a week! All I have to do is not stop doing the very easy thing I am doing and I will definitely have my success!


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