Choosing My Religion

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Hey, you guys! Chuck here!

Having a satisfying spiritual life is a crucial component of living a high-energy lifestyle! So today I would like to talk a little bit about how to choose the right religion for you! Now, it may seem utterly absurd to have a street-performer give you advice on how to choose the right religion. But, I think you know where I’m going to go with this! If a reality TV star can run our country, then why can’t a street-performer give you advice on how to select a religion? In 2017 we are doing exciting new things with entrepreneurship! We used to think that governing and spirituality were dire matters which best be left to the experts! Not anymore! Anyone with enough money, charisma, and brand recognition can ascend to the highest office in the land and anyone with a laptop, a modicum of creative writing skills, and plenty of free time can dole out spiritual advice!

A common theme on this blog is that I admittedly don’t understand the universe. I thought I had an adequate grasp on the basics; humans are roughly 60% water, the universe is expanding, you should treat people the way you would want to be treated, etc. But, then a reality TV star became the Republican nominee for the President of the United States of America and everything went out the window! I concluded that the true nature of the universe is ultimately unknowable and I gave up any attempt to arrive at a correct belief system. So, as you can imagine, my approach towards religion is a little unconventional.

I evaluate religions in terms of the resources they offer, not how correct their beliefs are. So now I would like to take a few moments to demonstrate how one might go about evaluating religions based on the quality of their resources and not the correctness of their doctrines. These are just a few examples, this is not intended to be exhaustive.

First example, I think Kabbalah has the best explanation of what God is. Now obviously, I think the nature of God is unknowable, but Kabbalah offers an explanation which can account for why God created us, why there is so much suffering, and why we never see or hear from God. It’s a great explanation of God, it makes me feel like life has a purpose, and it motivates me to work hard and practice empathy! The Kabbalists’ explanation of the nature of God is an excellent resource!

Second example, I think the Anglicans have the best prayers. I’ve studied the prayer books of various religions and I keep coming back to the Book of Common Prayer. I used to love the Catholic rosary. But, having studied hypnosis at some length, I’m now skeptical about making 53 references to the “hour of our death” and five references to the “fires of hell” all within a twenty minute period. I’ve studied Jewish prayer books and I find them wonderful, but if you’re not of Jewish heritage, the wording of some of these prayers can be awkward. The Anglicans have assembled a nice collection of simple prayers which I think are fairly accessible to people from a wide array of backgrounds. And the prayers touch on all the right points; being thankful for creation, working hard, guiding our leaders in wisdom, being empathetic towards the less fortunate, etc. The Book of Common Prayer is an excellent resource!

Third example, I think Soto Zen Buddhism has the best meditation method! The meditation method taught within the Soto school of Japanese Zen Buddhism is an excellent resource!

Now some of you reading this may already have a church you attend, your family goes there, the people are wonderful, you play on the softball team! That’s great! Keep going there! It sounds like they have excellent resources! I’m not telling you which religion I think you should join, I’m just arguing for a different way of evaluating religion! The ultimate nature of the universe is completely unknowable, so we should evaluate religions based on useful they are, not how true they may or may not be! I would also like to remind you again that this blog is intended for entertainment purposes and should not be used as a substitute for professional spiritual advice.


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