The Bizarre Way We Think About Alcohol

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Hey, you guys! Chuck here!

The way we think about alcohol as a society is really bizarre! So bizarre that I’m thoroughly convinced that it is the result of some very effective mass hypnosis! Don’t believe me? Try this experiment. Tell someone that you drank a twelve pack of La Croix last night. Watch them look at you like you’re completely insane. Yet, back when I was a drinker, if I told people that I drank a twelve pack of Natty Light the previous night, that was treated like perfectly normal behavior.

I’ll give another example of the bizarre way we think about alcohol from my own experience. I quit drinking back in July, but I still find myself spending a lot of time in bars because I’m a musician. At a lot of gigs I would find myself with drink tickets and wondering what to do with them. Do I give them to my band mates and encourage negative behavior patterns? No. I decided to start redeeming my drink tickets for sugar-free Red Bulls! Very high-energy! However, when I would go up for my second sugar-free Red Bull, I would get one of these; “Whoa! Be careful!”. Bartenders and servers would offer me a word of caution over my caffeine consumption. Red Bull doesn’t even have that much caffeine! An 8.4 oz. can of Red Bull has 77 mg of caffeine! To put that in perspective, my usual morning dose of caffeine when I wake up is 400 mg! A mere 154 mg of caffeine is no cause for alarm! But, we don’t even bat an eye if someone is working on their fourth Two-Hearted Ale! And, you guys, Two-Hearted Ale has a butt-ton of alcohol!

But, this isn’t just musicians and bartenders who are going around with bizarre ideas about alcohol in their head. Even the medical community has fallen prey to the alcohol hypnosis! A friend shared this article on Facebook this morning which talks about how even doctors think about alcohol in a bizarre way! Alcohol is the fourth leading cause of preventable death and yet doctors don’t seem to take it very seriously! Even the doctors are under the alcohol-hypnosis, who’s gonna help us?

The good news is that if we have been hypnotized to think about alcohol in an unhealthy way, then we can be hypnotized to think about alcohol in a healthy way! Just look at certain religious people who would never even think of touching alcohol even though they know it would make them feel totally awesome! They’ve been hypnotized to think it’s evil and even though alcohol has an immediate euphoric effect, the spiritual damage they believe it would do is simply not a fair trade! You do not have to go that far! For instance, I hypnotized myself to see alcohol as a sedative! I constantly repeated this mantra; “Alcohol is a sedative, I’m high-energy!”. I came to view alcohol as a Benadryl with a crap load of empty calories!

If you’re looking for somewhere to start, try going to youtube and simply searching “hypnosis alcohol”. Search through the different videos and find one that works for you. The internet is an excellent resource! I would personally recommend this video!  Michael Sealey’s self-hypnosis videos are really great! And if you have any questions or there is something you would like to see me discuss on this blog, please feel free to email me at my high-energy email address!


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