The Bizarre Way We Think About Alcohol

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Hey, you guys! Chuck here!

The way we think about alcohol as a society is really bizarre! So bizarre that I’m thoroughly convinced that it is the result of some very effective mass hypnosis! Don’t believe me? Try this experiment. Tell someone that you drank a twelve pack of La Croix last night. Watch them look at you like you’re completely insane. Yet, back when I was a drinker, if I told people that I drank a twelve pack of Natty Light the previous night, that was treated like perfectly normal behavior.

I’ll give another example of the bizarre way we think about alcohol from my own experience. I quit drinking back in July, but I still find myself spending a lot of time in bars because I’m a musician. At a lot of gigs I would find myself with drink tickets and wondering what to do with them. Do I give them to my band mates and encourage negative behavior patterns? No. I decided to start redeeming my drink tickets for sugar-free Red Bulls! Very high-energy! However, when I would go up for my second sugar-free Red Bull, I would get one of these; “Whoa! Be careful!”. Bartenders and servers would offer me a word of caution over my caffeine consumption. Red Bull doesn’t even have that much caffeine! An 8.4 oz. can of Red Bull has 77 mg of caffeine! To put that in perspective, my usual morning dose of caffeine when I wake up is 400 mg! A mere 154 mg of caffeine is no cause for alarm! But, we don’t even bat an eye if someone is working on their fourth Two-Hearted Ale! And, you guys, Two-Hearted Ale has a butt-ton of alcohol!

But, this isn’t just musicians and bartenders who are going around with bizarre ideas about alcohol in their head. Even the medical community has fallen prey to the alcohol hypnosis! A friend shared this article on Facebook this morning which talks about how even doctors think about alcohol in a bizarre way! Alcohol is the fourth leading cause of preventable death and yet doctors don’t seem to take it very seriously! Even the doctors are under the alcohol-hypnosis, who’s gonna help us?

The good news is that if we have been hypnotized to think about alcohol in an unhealthy way, then we can be hypnotized to think about alcohol in a healthy way! Just look at certain religious people who would never even think of touching alcohol even though they know it would make them feel totally awesome! They’ve been hypnotized to think it’s evil and even though alcohol has an immediate euphoric effect, the spiritual damage they believe it would do is simply not a fair trade! You do not have to go that far! For instance, I hypnotized myself to see alcohol as a sedative! I constantly repeated this mantra; “Alcohol is a sedative, I’m high-energy!”. I came to view alcohol as a Benadryl with a crap load of empty calories!

If you’re looking for somewhere to start, try going to youtube and simply searching “hypnosis alcohol”. Search through the different videos and find one that works for you. The internet is an excellent resource! I would personally recommend this video!  Michael Sealey’s self-hypnosis videos are really great! And if you have any questions or there is something you would like to see me discuss on this blog, please feel free to email me at my high-energy email address!


The Final Stretch!!

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Hey, you guys! Chuck here!

At my heaviest I was 340! In my twenties I lost a lot of weight because I stopped overeating and started binge-drinking. I do not recommend this method for anyone. It did considerable damage to my physical and mental health. But, during June of last year I had what I refer to as the worst week of my life. My impacted wisdom became infected and started causing me some pretty severe pain and then I saw a bat and got really scared. I reached what Tony Robbins refers to as an “emotional threshold”, a “magical moment when pain becomes our friend”. I became determined to do whatever I could do within my own power to improve my physical and mental health! I became determined to quit drinking, start eating healthy, and unlock the secrets to being high-energy! For the first time in my adult life I began to lose weight in a healthy way.

My ultimate weight loss goal is 170, because reaching that mark would mean that I’ve lost half of my body weight. This would be an amazing achievement which very few people ever accomplish! If I can do this, there’s nothing I can’t do! My current weight is 179, which means I’ve lost 161 pounds and I am a mere nine pounds away from my ultimate weight loss goal! Not only will I definitely achieve my ultimate weight loss goal in 2017, but right now it’s looking like I’ll achieve it before this summer! I am less than ten pounds away from my ultimate weight-loss goal! My dream is quickly becoming my reality! I am in the final stretch!

In recent posts I’ve shared two science backed ultimate weight loss success secrets! The first was to skip breakfast! Scientists using science have demonstrated time and again that people who skip breakfast have weight loss success! The second was to pretend that you live in a universe where negative-calorie foods exist! Scientists, once again using science, have proven that while negative-calorie foods don’t exist, people who believe that they do have weight loss success! You know these secrets work because a.) they are backed by science and b.) you are watching me as I use them to achieve my ultimate weight loss success!

The third secret I’m going to share with you is this; don’t exercise to lose weight. Don’t get me wrong, you should definitely exercise, just not for the purpose of losing weight. You should exercise to improve your health, physical, mental, spiritual, and sexual. You should exercise because it’s fun! But, don’t exercise for the purpose of losing weight, that’s not what it’s for! Weight loss has to be a function of your diet, not your exercise routine! Simply put, it’s much easier to cut out calories from your diet then it is to burn them at the gym. For example, at my size, if I run at a 6 mph pace for a whole freaking hour I’ll burn around eight hundred calories. If my purpose is weight loss, the reward simply isn’t worth the work! And on top of that, exercise makes you hungry. It doesn’t do you any good to burn those eight hundred calories if you’re just gonna end up being so hungry that you eat an extra thousand. And the scientists have the science to confirm my suspicions! People who do lengthy cardio routines often overestimate the calories they’ve burned and underestimate the calories they eat! The scientists have actually found that people who exercise are more likely to gain weight! I’ll say that again! People who exercise are more likely to gain weight than lose it!

You have to think of weight loss as a function of your diet! Catalog your food, count your calories, and if you want to burn more calories than you consume, look for places in your diet where you can make cuts. I’ll say it again, it’s much easier to cut calories from your diet then it is to burn them at the gym! And if you’re like me and you exercise a whole bunch, be sure to keep track of what you’ve got going in and out. Accept the fact that if you exercise a bunch, you’re going to eat more. Do the math for yourself and make sure that your calories going out is more than your calories going in! That’s what I’m consistently doing every day of every week of every month so far this year! And it’s part of why I will definitely achieve my ultimate weight loss goal in 2017 and I’ll probably achieve it before this summer!

Beliefs Pt. 2

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Hey, you guys! Chuck here!

In my last post I discussed how our simplest beliefs can have huge consequences for our behavior patterns. I used this example from my own experience; for most of my life I believed that I understood the universe, then when I realized that a reality TV star was going to become the President of the United States of America I came to the belief that I didn’t understand the universe even in the slightest. This change in belief led me to quit drinking, quit eating junk food, and begin searching for the secrets to energy and success! One simple belief can make a world of difference!

Now, if you have 21 minutes to spare, I would strongly encourage you to watch this video! This woman gives an excellent testimonial about how one bad belief sent her life into a complete tailspin. She then goes on to explain how, through hypnosis, her belief was corrected and she went on to live a high-energy life and help thousands of people! All it took was one two hour session with an experienced hypnotherapist and her belief was corrected and years of turmoil were suddenly over, just like that! Very inspiring!

I can relate to her story, because I went through my own experience of meeting a “Yoda” and having my mind drastically altered for the better within a very short period of time! I had struggled with depression and anxiety throughout all of my 20’s. I had seen numerous therapists and tried all sorts of drugs. Nothing seemed to work. When I was 29 I began to explore meditation. I began attending a Buddhist temple in Battle Creek, Michigan called Sokukoji. After attending for a couple of weeks, one night I ended up having a twenty minute conversation with the head priest Sokuzan, the man I now consider my meditation teacher. I told him about my years of depression and anxiety, about my history of panic attacks and obsessive thought cycles. What he suggested to me would irreparably alter my life for the better. He told me; “When you’re depressed, just be depressed. When you have a panic attack, just have a panic attack. Don’t try to control your thoughts. We can’t control our thoughts, we don’t even know what thoughts are”.

For all of my life I had believed that I was the thinker of my thoughts, that I was responsible for every horrible idea that floated through my mind, and this belief had caused me to go to endless war with my own mind! And then one day, when I was in a very suggestible state, this old man had basically reached into my subconscious, tweaked my bad belief, and sent my life on an entirely new trajectory! This was nearly six years ago and I’ve never had an issue with depression since!

Now, it’s not at all my intention to promote Buddhism, it’s definitely not for everybody! I’m just using this as another example from my own life where correcting a simple belief drastically altered the course my life would take! When I was 29 I believed that I was responsible for my own thoughts, that belief was replaced with “We don’t even know what thoughts are” and new positive behavior patterns were the result! When I was 34 I believed I understood the universe, that belief was replaced with “A reality TV star is going to be our next president” and new positive behavior patterns were the result!

Now for the bigger, peskier beliefs, like the ones I’ve described above, you may need to elicit the help of a hypnotherapist or guru. And in that case, I wish you all of the luck in the world in finding the right Yoda for the job. I’ve got a feeling I may need to see a hypnotherapist if I’m every going to overcome my fear of bats! But, we can already begin to use self-hypnosis for the smaller beliefs that may be holding us back! You may believe that healthy food is gross, exercise is boring, or you can’t have fun without alcohol! Youtube is brimming with hypnosis videos which can correct these beliefs! Here’s one for eating healthy! Here’s one for exercise motivation! And here’s one I used in my efforts to quit drinking! And there’s hundreds more! Get to work finding the ones that work best for you! This is one easy step you can take right now to put yourself on the path to success!

Beliefs Pt. 1

Hey, you guys! Chuck here!

I had many successes in 2016! I’ll have many more successes in 2017! And I owe a lot of my success to my beliefs! I have great beliefs! Now, for the sake of this particular post, when I talk about beliefs, I’m not referring to whether or not you believe in reincarnation or the Quran or the Coronation of Our Lady as Queen of Heaven and Earth. Rather, I’m referring to the very simple beliefs we hold at a subconscious level. I’m talking about the beliefs that we hold so closely that we don’t even realize we believe them. In his excellent book Awaken The Giant Within , Tony Robbins defines a belief as a “feeling of certainty about something”. This is the definition I’ll be working with.

As Robbins says; “Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy”. What we believe effects us at a subconscious level and can drastically alter our behaviors. I’ll use my fear of bats as an example. When I see a bat I believe, at a very, very subconscious level, that I am in danger. My rational mind knows that I am not at all in danger. But, my subconscious mind, being utterly irrational, believes that I am in danger. This very simple and very closely held belief has an immediate effect on my behavior. I don’t know where that belief came from and, for the time being, I don’t seem to know how to correct it. But, it is there and its effects are overwhelming.

What beliefs could you be holding at a subconscious level that are effecting your behavior in an unhelpful way? These beliefs can be very simple and we are often completely oblivious to the fact that we believe them! For example, you may believe that you don’t deserve love. You may believe that your ultimate weight loss goal is unattainable. You may believe that you can never quit drinking or smoking. Those sort of beliefs would definitely result in unhelpful behavior patterns!

I can think of two incorrect beliefs I have held for most of my life which, when finally corrected, led me to make drastic, positive lifestyle changes!

The first belief is one that I’ve talked about quite a bit on this blog! For most of my adult life, I believed that I understood the universe! Now, I never for a second thought that I had it all figured out! I recognized that the universe possessed unfathomable complexity which I could never understand! But, I thought that I, and most of the intelligent and educated people I knew, had the gist of it! I knew that the universe was 14 billion years old, human beings appeared about 150,000 years ago, Socrates was the wisest man who ever lived, and you treat people how you would want to be treated. You know, the basics!

But then, back in June, I realized that a reality TV star was about to become the 45th President of the United States of America! Political commentators who I respect (Charles Krauthammer, Fareed Zakaria, George Will) all turned out to be embarrassingly wrong. I realized that not only did I not understand the universe, nobody did! This drastic change in a very simple belief resulted in very positive behavioral changes! I quit drinking, I began to eat healthy, and I began to seek out the secrets to energy and success! Just one simple belief can single-handedly determine the trajectory of your life! Oh wow!

In my next post I’ll discuss my second incorrect belief which, when corrected, led me to make drastic, positive lifestyle changes! And I’ll discuss what actions you can take to begin to correct your unhelpful beliefs! Until then, if you have any questions feel free to email me at my high-energy email address or leave a comment here or on Facebook or Twitter! I love hearing from you guys!


How Busking Rewired My Brain

Hey, you guys! Chuck here!

Back in June I came to the startling realization that a reality TV star was going to be our 45th president. This caused me to conclude that I live in a universe that I don’t understand. I also concluded that, like a car, I can operate the universe even though I don’t understand how it works. I quit drinking, I began to eat healthy, and I began to practice self-hypnosis! I changed my body, but more importantly, I rewired my brain! I rewired my brain to enjoy work and healthy food! I rewired my brain to focus on more positive and useful things! I rewired my brain using self-hypnosis! But, a couple of things I did in the years leading up to my discovery of self-hypnosis helped prep my brain for the rewiring! One of those things was obviously my practice of zen meditation! But, the other one, a bit more unlikely, was becoming a street-performer! Busking literally rewired my brain and I’m going to tell you how!

In previous posts I discussed how what we focus on becomes our reality. I used this example: I wear Chuck Taylors, therefore I live in a world where everyone wears Chuck Taylors. I don’t literally live in a world where everyone wears Chuck Taylors, but my mind automatically focuses on people who wear Chuck Taylors and creates for me the sensation of living in a world where everyone wears Chuck Taylors. And just as my brain is wired to focus on Chuck Taylors, you can rewire your brain to focus on more positive and useful things.

One of the ways you can rewire your brain is through the repetition of simple words or phrases. Recently a reader asked me how I handle the endless rejection that goes along with busking. The vast majority of people who pass me by don’t tip or acknowledge me! Over the course of a day, thousands of people pass me by, on a good day maybe a hundred will tip. That’s a lot of rejection, how do I handle it! The secret is that I thank everyone who tips me! I even thank everyone who merely compliments me! And repetition of simple words and phrases is one way to rewire your brain! If I say “I’m high-energy” one hundred times a day, I am going to naturally feel more high-energy. And likewise, if I say “thank you” one hundred times a day, I’m going to feel more grateful. Constantly saying “thank you” every time someone gives me a little bit of money or a compliment has wired my brain to focus on all of those things in my life that I should be grateful for!

Also, I’ve learned to smile at everyone who passes regardless of whether or not they tip or acknowledge me. We tend to think that we smile because we’re happy, but science has shown that it also works the other way. We’re happy because we smile! So over the course of eight hours singing on a street corner, I smile at thousands of people and say “thank you” about a hundred times! Doing this full time every summer for the last five years has wired my brain to be more positive and grateful, and it gave me a little head start on the neural rewiring I would begin when I started to practice self-hypnosis!

So thank everyone who helps you out! Smile at everyone regardless! Rewire your brain to be more grateful and positive! Together we will have many successes in 2017! And if you have any questions, feel free to email me at my new high-energy email address! This post was inspired by a question I got from a reader and I’m so grateful for that!

God Pt. 1

Hey, you guys! Chuck here!

In today’s high-energy blog post I would like to talk a little bit about what God is and what we’re doing here*. This might seem contradictory since a common theme on this blog is how I don’t understand any of this. When I realized that a reality TV star could be the President of the United States of America, I concluded that I live in a universe that I don’t understand at all. But, on the flip side, if a reality TV star can run our country then why can’t a street-performer with an exciting catchphrase tell you what God is? Just think of this as entrepreneurial metaphysics!

If there is a God, then the one thing we can know about God with certainty is that God created us. But, what can we conclude from the fact that God created us? We can conclude that God had a motivation to create us. The fact that God has motivation implies that God is, in some sense, incomplete. I was motivated to quit drinking because I felt incomplete! I am motivated to be high-energy and achieve success because I feel that I have not yet completed my ultimate purpose! This is where I’m going to lose most of you (and that’s okay). I’m claiming that God is incomplete.

As a practicing Catholic the question of God’s motivation always stumped me. Especially since, if you believe in the Catholic version of God, then you believe in a very busy God. Why is God so busy? What’s driving him/her? What could possibly motivate an infinite and complete God? I eventually concluded that any satisfactory explanation of God would have to account for what motivates him/her. I think the most satisfactory explanation of God that I’ve come across comes from the Kabbalists. There may be better explanations of God, but this is the one I’m using for the time being!

The Kabbalists teach that God in his/her primary nature is the giver of divine love. In order to complete his/her ultimate purpose, God needs a creation to give divine love to. God creates a vessel which he/she proceeds to fill with divine love. The vessel eventually becomes ashamed because the vessel has done nothing to earn God’s love. God tells the vessel that he/she will give it the chance to earn his/her love, but it will take a long time and will involve much suffering. The vessel accepts this and God proceeds to shatter the vessel. This shattered vessel is the physical reality we find ourselves in. The purpose of life is to reassemble the vessel so God can once again fill it with divine love and be complete. The purpose of life is the completion of God! We’ve really got our work cut out for us! We’re going to need to be very high-energy!

The Kabbalistic explanation of God not only accounts for God’s motivation, but it also explains how a loving God could allow so much suffering. It’s a really great explanation of God! It makes me feel like life has purpose! How cool!

Now, I’m also a deist. I believe that God is completely uninvolved with his/her creation. That’s because in order for the creation to legitimately earn it’s creator’s love, it has to do so on it’s own. So how does this reassembly come about? It comes about when all sentient beings learn to work together in love! So it’s going to take a while! But, that’s okay, because we have all the time in the multi-verse and we’re very high-energy!

In my next blog post I’m going to discuss what happens when we die! So ya might wanna check back for that!

*This high-energy lifestyle blog is intended for entertainment purposes and should not be used as a substitute for professional spiritual advice. Please consult a priest, minister, rabbi, monk, guru, etc. if you have any serious questions about the nature of God or the meaning of life! If you have any non-serious questions about the nature of God or the meaning of life, feel free to email me at my high-energy email address or leave a comment here or on Facebook or Twitter!

Alcohol Hypnosis Pt. 2

Hey, you guys! Chuck here!

In my last post I told you that our society’s unnatural obsession with alcohol is a result of hypnosis and can be countered with self-hypnosis. Society has hypnotized us to think about alcohol in a certain way. We can hypnotize ourselves to think about alcohol differently. We can hypnotize ourselves to think about ourselves differently. I proposed the mantra “Alcohol is a sedative. I’m high-energy!”. This mantra redefines alcohol and ourselves.

Society tells you that alcohol is a social lubricant and you’re awkward and shy. Society tells you that alcohol makes white people dance and you’re white and awkward and shy. Society tells you that alcohol is liquid courage and you’re thirsty and cowardly and white and awkward and shy. Through hypnosis, society tells you how to define alcohol and yourself. Society tells you that there’s something wrong with you and alcohol can fix it. Through self-hypnosis you can change the way you define alcohol and yourself. You can tell yourself that you’re great and alcohol will only spoil you!

Back in June when I decided that I needed to quit drinking once and for all, I didn’t quit drinking right away. Instead I focused on redefining alcohol. I decided to continue to drink alcohol, but I would only use it as a sedative. I never drank at bars or parties. Instead, I would wait until I got home and allowed myself to drink alcohol for its sedating effects. When people would ask me why I wasn’t drinking, I explained that I didn’t drink when I went out because it made me sleepy. This was true. Alcohol makes me sleepy. I would assure people that when I got home I would proceed to get wasted. This made people feel better.

That’s right! It made them feel better to find out that I would be drinking later! You are going to find that when you tell people that you don’t drink anymore, it’s going to make them feel bad. I should just go ahead and prepare you for this now. People are going to feel bad when they find out you quit drinking. I’ll probably write a separate blog post for this phenomenon later!

But back to my initial point, telling people that I don’t drink in public because it makes me sleepy but I’ll drink at home to help me relax so that I can drift off into a peaceful night’s slumber had two effects. First, I didn’t get any of the initial pressure you will get from people when you tell them of your intentions of becoming alcohol-free. And second, the more I went around telling people that alcohol is a sedative the more it became my reality.

In Robert Cialdini’s book Inlfuence: The Psychology of Persuasion, he discusses what he calls the six “Weapons of Influence”. Number two is consistency. Human beings have a subconscious urge to be consistent. The more I told people that alcohol had an overwhelming sedating effect, the more I came to believe it and the more it came to be real to me. In order for my brain to be at ease with itself, it had to match my own perceptions of alcohol with what I was telling people my perceptions of alcohol were. I was effectively hypnotizing myself to see alcohol as a sedative. I had turned alcohol into benadryl with a crap load of empty calories! When I told people that I thought of alcohol as a sedative, the social animal in me needed to be consistent with the words I was saying!

The next step was to redefine myself! The words I chose to redefine myself were “high-energy”. These words allowed me to define myself in a positive way that would be spoiled by alcohol! Alcohol is a sedative, I’m high-energy! I no longer saw alcohol as a solution to something that was wrong with me! Rather, I saw alcohol as something that would spoil the very best thing about me!


Alcohol Hypnosis Pt. 1

Hey, you guys! Chuck here!

So, as I’ve said in previous posts, I am a 35 year old para-pro/street performer who is sharing with you the keys to success before I have yet to achieve my greatest success. I have had many successes! I’ve lost 153 pounds, I’ve quit drinking, I enjoy my work, and I make more money than I need to survive! I have had many successes! But, far greater successes await me! In this blog I am going to tell you my secrets to success and I am going to apply them in my own life and document my successes on this blog! Seeing my successes as they happen will make the lessons more effective!

As I’ve also mentioned in previous posts, when the reality TV star became the Republican nominee for the President of the United States of America, I recognized that I don’t understand any of this and that I need to be high-energy if I’m going to have success in a universe I don’t understand! He became officially nominated around mid-July, but we were aware of its inevitability by early June. That was when I made the conscious decision to pursue the secrets of energy and success! I determined that the first feat I needed to accomplish was to be alcohol-free! I recognized that as my number one priority! For the first couple months, I focused on nothing else but becoming alcohol-free!

I decided to make becoming alcohol-free my number one priority because it struck me as my greatest hurdle! I had been a functioning alcoholic my entire adult life! The night I turned 21 I went out and bought a six-pack and that behavior had been habitual for thirteen years! I realized that I had no idea what it’s like to be an adult without alcohol! I had no idea how to socialize without alcohol! I had no idea how to have fun without alcohol! I had no idea how to unwind from my day and settle into a restful mode that would allow me to drift off into a peaceful night’s slumber without alcohol! Being alcohol-free would require me to basically relearn almost every aspect of my adult life!

When I told people of my desire to quit drinking, they always acted surprised. I never struck them as someone with a problem. Sure, they had their anecdotes about times when I got a little extra rowdy. But, I never seemed to have a problem. I never got violent. I never made any horrible decisions with irreparable consequences while drunk. I was a functional alcoholic. But, I no longer wanted to be merely functional. I wanted to be high-energy. I wanted to have many successes.

I recognized that there’s something unnatural about the way I (and many, many people in our society) think about alcohol. I have come to the conclusion that it is the result of some sort of hypnosis. I had been hypnotized by society and myself to think about alcohol in a certain way. Our obsession with alcohol is too irrational. We would not be this excited about a drug that makes us fat, depressed, and low-energy unless there was some sort of hypnosis going on. My addiction to alcohol was mental not physical. My brain needed to be rewired. In order to quit drinking I needed to change the way I define alcohol and myself. “Alcohol is a sedative! I’m high-energy” became the mantra that I would use to self-hypnotize.

Society tells us that alcohol is a social-lubricant! It makes white people dance! It’s liquid courage! Many different mantras. I gave myself a new mantra. And I had to repeat it to myself many times in order for my brain to accept it as reality. But, it does work! If you want to quit drinking, but you seem stuck, you can’t imagine your life without alcohol, just repeat this mantra; “Alcohol is a sedative. I’m high-energy!” It might take a while, though. It was a little over a month from the moment I purposed to quit drinking to the day I actually began my alcohol-free lifestyle. In my next post I’ll discuss what I did in that month to rewire my brain. In the meantime, if you have any questions or you have something you’d like to see me discuss on this blog, email me at my high-energy email address


Self-Hypnosis Testimonial

Hey, you guys! Chuck here!

2016 was the best year of my life! I had many successes! 2017 will be even better! I’ll have even more successes! And a huge part of my success, not to mention my energy, is thanks to the practice of self-hypnosis!

I’m referring to this blog post as a “testimonial” because, for me, the experience of discovering self-hypnosis had a lot of the same qualities as a religious conversion. I experienced a euphoric sense of enlightenment similar to what I experienced when I was 22 and I converted to Roman Catholicism! I experienced a euphoric sense of enlightenment similar to what I experienced when I began to practice zen meditation at the age of 29!

In a previous post I discussed what I refer to as the worst week of my life, which began with a severe toothache and ended with an encounter with a bat. I realized in that week that I needed to get my wisdom teeth pulled and I needed to do something about my extreme bat phobia. The wisdom teeth problem had a pretty clear path to success; go see a dentist, get referred to an oral surgeon, and wait for my surgery date. But, what was I to do about this extreme bat phobia? As I searched the internet, one particular suggestion stood out from the rest: hypnotherapy.

Around this time I had also read Scott Adams’ amazing book God’s Debris. I found it to be the most enlightening book I had ever read! I would soon later discover that the book contained hidden hypnosis techniques designed to make the reader feel a euphoric sense of enlightenment! I was so excited by the fact that I had been effectively hypnotized by a book! As I did more research into hypnosis, I discovered that people who are very imaginative and prone to day-dreaming are often the easiest to hypnotize! “Hey!” I thought to myself, “That’s me!”. Now, I suppose that some people would be concerned to find out that they were easily hypnotized, since perhaps it could make one more prone to manipulation! And as I look on my past, I can see how I was often easily manipulated! But, I was very excited at the possibility of using hypnosis to correct unwanted thought patterns and behaviors!

I did a little bit of research into hypnotherapists in West Michigan, but I was a little hesitant about paying someone a lot of money for something that I still wasn’t sure was going to work. That’s when I began to explore self-hypnosis. I searched “self-hypnosis” on youtube and the first video it suggested was a sleep hypnosis video by a man named Michael Sealey*.

With my intention to quit drinking, one of the biggest obstacles I figured that I would have to face was sleep! For my entire adult life, I had been relying on alcohol to help me sleep! I had just figured that there was no way I would ever learn how to sleep without alcohol! But, self-hypnosis presented a new hope! I figured that if self-hypnosis could fix the sleeping difficulties which had haunted me my entire adult life, then I would already be on the high-energy path to success! I kid you not when I tell you that the very first day I ever listened to one of Michael Sealey’s guided self-hypnosis recordings was the very first day of my alcohol-free, high-energy journey! I had had an erratic and unsatisfying sleep pattern ever since I started college, but now a sixteen year struggle was suddenly gone in one day! With my sleep difficulties gone, my biggest obstacle to being alcohol-free was removed!

I was completely sold on the practice of self-hypnosis! I started searching youtube for other hypnosis videos engineered to help with other various challenges! I found hypnosis videos to help with overeating, motivation, social confidence, even jaw-clenching! There are literally thousands of hypnosis videos on youtube which you can use to aide you in your efforts to be alcohol-free and high-energy! Every night before I go to bed, I set aside a half hour to listen to a hypnosis video on my iPod. This helps me to relax and fall asleep, all while giving me positive suggestions to help me be more high-energy. I often choose what videos I will listen to depending on what areas of my life I feel could use some improvement. For instance, at the moment, I have my work cut out for me in the areas of writing and music. So, I’ve been listening to hypnosis recordings designed to help one be more productive and motivated to work!

*If you’re interested in exploring the world of self-hypnosis, Michael Sealey’s youtube channel is  a really great place to start! And if you have any questions or you have something you’d like to see me discuss on this blog, email me at my high-energy email address or leave a comment here or on Facebook or Twitter! I love hearing from you guys!

What Do I Mean By “High-Energy”?

Hey, you guys! Chuck here!

I recently had one of my high-energy readers ask me what I mean when I say “high-energy”. We already know what high-energy feels like! We know that it feels really good to be high-energy! But, what does it mean to be high-energy?

When I was a religion student at Calvin College, I studied New Testament studies under the tutelage of an excellent New Testament scholar named David Crump. Professor Crump used to always tell us that words don’t have meanings, they have uses. This adage has always stuck with me. So before discussing what I mean by “high-energy”, allow me to talk a little bit about how I’m using the words “high-energy”.

I initially started using the words “high-energy” to motivate myself, to get myself psyched, and to cozy myself up to the possibility of choosing to be alcohol-free. I’ve always found the word “sober” so sobering. If I was going to be alcohol-free, I needed a word that was more exciting. I had seen the way a reality TV star had used the words “low-energy” to completely demolish a qualified and experienced traditional politician. I figured that if the words “low-energy” could be used to effectively bring someone down, maybe I could use the words “high-energy” to bring myself up. I began constantly telling myself that I was “high-energy”.  This idea of being “high-energy” was way more appealing to me than the idea of being “sober”.

My personal mantra became “alcohol is a sedative, I’m high-energy”. Instead of giving up a fun drug in order to become a sensible person, I was giving up a sedative in order to become a high-energy person. And then one day I was out busking on a street corner near Lake Michigan. A tourist stopped by to enjoy my high-energy music. They asked me if I ever performed in any of the bars in the area. I blurted out “I don’t play in bars! Alcohol is a sedative! I’m high-energy! I wanna perform out here in the sun for other high-energy people!”. His face immediately lit up! I realized in that moment that this phrase that I had used to motivate myself could also be used to motivate other people!

I began incorporating the words “high-energy” into everyday conversations, status updates, and stage banter. At first, I tried to do it subtly. But, if you know me very well, then you know that subtlety isn’t exactly my forte! After about a month of using the words “high-energy”, people began to say it back to me and I began to feel like I was onto something!

If you simply say the words “high-energy” you will already begin to feel more high-energy! Whenever I’m going for a run and I start to feel a little winded, I pump my fists in the air and start yelling “I’m high-energy”. It works! Don’t believe me? Just try it! Whenever I’m at work and those afternoon blahs start settling in, I run to the bathroom, look at myself in the mirror, pump my fists in the air, and say “I’m high-energy!”. It works! Don’t believe me? Just try it!

So basically, I use the words “high-energy” to motivate myself and the people around me! In the next post I’ll begin to discuss what I mean by “high-energy”! So, thanks for reading, and if you have any questions please email me at This was my first post that was in response to a reader’s question and I would love to do more posts like this. So, if you have a question, don’t be shy, show some high-energy initiative!