Eating Healthy Below The Poverty Line

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Hey, you guys! Chuck here!

As you know by now, I’m very high-energy! A huge part of why I’m so high-energy is because I have a really healthy diet, which is especially astonishing when you consider how far below the poverty line I’m living! Today I’m going to share a few of my unlikely secrets to eating healthy below the poverty line! I should warn you ahead of time, a lot of you are not going to like these secrets! Oh well, let’s dive into them anyways!

  1. Frozen vegetables! I’ve already lost a lot of you. And that’s okay. If you can afford to go the farmer’s market every weekend and spend  a lot of money on a bunch of locally grown, super-organic veggies, that’s great! I love farmer’s markets, they’re full of high-energy, hardworking people who deserve your business. By all means, give them a lot of money. Plus, you just can’t beat the aroma and flavor of fresh, local produce! But, if you make as little money as I do or it’s winter and you’re in Michigan, I highly recommend frozen vegetables. Scientists doing science have found that often times frozen vegetables are more nutrient dense than their fresh counterparts. This might be because frozen vegetables are frozen at the peak of their freshness, but who cares, it’s a cheap and it’s healthy.
  2. Canned tomatoes! This is where things get really weird. Most canned vegetables are almost void of all of their original nutrients. But, not canned tomatoes. Scientists doing science have discovered that canned tomatoes are actually more healthy than their fresh counterparts. Something about how the cooking process involved in canning tomatoes increases the amount of lycopene. But, once again, who cares why? Canned tomatoes are cheap and the scientists have given us their blessing!
  3. Canned chicken! Sorry, food snobs! But, it turns out the protein in chicken still works the same when the chicken comes in a can. Plus, the canned chicken comes in a convenient little can that tells you exactly how many calories and how much protein is in the chicken you’re about to eat, so no need to get out the food scale!
  4. Cottage cheese! Cottage cheese!
  5. Avocados! Avocados used to be like a buck sixty nine a pop, and then an Aldi came into my town selling avocados for forty cents and now all of the neighboring grocery stores are forced to compete! Cheap avocados everywhere! Way to go free-market! You’ve done something right for once! Too bad health care still sucks!
  6. Eat all of this stuff everyday! I can not say enough about the benefits of eating the same thing everyday! It’s easier to control your calorie intake and it saves you the time and energy that goes into deciding what you’re going to eat (remember that decision making is one of the biggest drains on your willpower)! Everyday I get home from work, I toss a bag of frozen broccoli, a can of chicken, and a can of tomatoes into a pot on the stove and let it cook while I watch wrestling. When it’s done I eat it up with an avocado and a side of cottage cheese! Very healthy! Very high-energy! Very cheap! Oh wow!

So that’s it for now! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me at chuckishighenergy@gmail.com! I especially want to hear from you if you have your own secrets for eating healthy below the poverty line! I love to learn!


Bats Pt. 1

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Hey, you guys! Chuck here!

In this blog I’m all about telling you my secrets to success and then documenting my success as it happens so that you can see first-hand that these secrets to success actually work! I’ve talked a lot about a success I’ve already had (being alcohol-free for over nine months)! I’ve talked a lot about a success I will definitely have (losing half of my body weight)! But, today I would like to discuss a success which seems a little more uncertain! I have a lot of fear and trepidation around this issue and right now it certainly feels like I will probably never have success in this area. I’m talking about overcoming my extreme bat phobia.

I have experienced a lot of unpleasant sensations in my life. I’ve had panic attacks, severe depression, ear infections, toothaches, etc. But, I can honestly say that being in a room with a bat is by far the most unpleasant sensation I’ve ever experienced. You know the feeling you get when someone jumps out from behind a corner? You know how you involuntarily let out a startled yell? It’s like that, but sustained. I scream involuntarily for extended periods of time, my heart rate accelerates immediately, and I begin hyper-ventilating. And once the screaming stops, it usually takes me about an hour to calm back down.

I’ve done quite a bit of research, and what seems to be happening is that some deeply held belief in the subconscious mind is triggering an inappropriate fight or flight response! When I see a bat, my brain sends a signal that I’m in more danger than I actually am and my entire body goes into an immediate state of panic.

Now, this hasn’t been an issue until recently. I went thirty four years without ever seeing a bat in person. But now, just in the last year and a half I’ve had four bat encounters. The most recent bat encounter I had was at St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Hastings, Michigan. It’s the church where I was baptized and confirmed. I hadn’t been there in over a year and last February, I felt like paying  a visit. We had been having an especially warm winter and I was feeling a deep sense of gratitude towards my creator and I thought I’d pop my head into St. Rose and just say thanks. About fifteen minutes into the mass a stupid bat flew through the sanctuary. Have you ever seen a bat in flight? It’s so stupid! I grabbed my things and literally ran out of the church! And, obviously, I haven’t been back since!

My extreme bat phobia has begun to effect other areas of my life! I’ll often flinch when I see a butterfly. I get anxiety when I go into old houses or churches. And it sucks, because I love butterflies and old churches!

Over the next seven months I intend to make concentrated efforts to overcome my phobia once and for all and I will document my success (or lack thereof) here on this blog. We’ll see how this goes! In the process, I hope to raise a little bit of awareness. There is a lot of ignorance and stigma surrounding bats and there is a lot of ignorance and stigma surrounding people with extreme phobias. We’re not just wusses. It’s not simply a matter of manning up and confronting our fear. It’s a legitimate anxiety disorder and should be treated as such.

I do think it’s important to confront your fears. But, it’s equally important how you confront your fear. If you just man up and charge at the object of your phobia, you can end up having another traumatic experience and just making the phobia worse. I want to confront my fear, but I want to do it intelligently. I want to confront my fear in a way that effectively rewires my brain and allows me to be freed of my anxiety once and for all! Wish me luck! And in the meantime, if you have any questions or you’ve had your own experience with an extreme phobia that you’d like to share with me, feel free to email me at chuckishighenergy@gmail.com.

Judaism Pt. 1

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Hey, you guys! Chuck here!

Judaism is a really great religion! So much ancient wisdom! So many excellent teachers! As I’ve said before, I evaluate religions based on their resources not necessarily their beliefs. And Judaism has a lot of excellent resources for those of us looking to deepen our spiritual understanding!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my belief about what God is comes from Judaism. The Kabbalists teach that God in his/her primary nature is the giver of divine love, God created a vessel to fill with divine love, and, when the vessel became ashamed because it had done nothing to earn God’s love, God allowed the vessel the opportunity to earn his/her love and that’s how we ended up in this whole mess! This is a really great explanation of God, it explains God’s motivation for creating us and it explains why  a loving God would allow so much suffering! It’s become my go-to belief about God!

But, I’ve found another great resource within Judaism! Over the past few years one of my favorite things on the internet has been youtube videos of rabbis explaining why Jesus wasn’t the Messiah. In particular, I’ve enjoyed the series of lectures put out by Rabbi Michael Skobac presenting counter-arguments against Evangelical missionaries who unfairly single out the Jewish people. Rabbi Skobac does a magnificent job of parsing through both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament and explaining how Jesus Christ absolutely fails to live up to even the lowest of Messianic expectations.

At this point, you’re probably thinking that this seems like a very bizarre thing for me to be fascinated with! I am a card-carrying Catholic, after all! But, remember what I’ve said in previous posts about how what you focus on becomes your reality? I grew up in a Christian culture, so for the first thirty years of my life I had been reading the Hebrew Bible with a particular filter. Christians are trained from a very young age to read Jesus into the Hebrew Bible. And then one day I discover this treasure trove of youtube videos of a rabbi parsing through the Hebrew Bible with a very different filter than the one I had been using all my life!

I’m not saying that Christianity isn’t true and Judaism is! They’re both really great religions that have  a lot of excellent resources to offer! I just think it’s fascinating how these two traditions can read the same book and see two completely different realities! Martin Luther once said that he saw Jesus on every page of the Hebrew Bible! And he was reading the same Bible as Maimonides! Two very intelligent people can read the same book, one sees Jesus and one sees definitely not Jesus. Who do you go with? We’re all just hazarding a guess at this point!

People keep saying that one of the downsides to the internet is that people can too easily immerse themselves in information which confirms their biases! Well, the upside to that is that people can just as easily immerse themselves in information that challenges their biases, should they feel so adventurous! What better example of that can you get than a Catholic watching hours and hours of youtube videos of rabbis explaining why Jesus wasn’t the Messiah! This is a great time to be alive!

The Bizarre Way We Think About Alcohol

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Hey, you guys! Chuck here!

The way we think about alcohol as a society is really bizarre! So bizarre that I’m thoroughly convinced that it is the result of some very effective mass hypnosis! Don’t believe me? Try this experiment. Tell someone that you drank a twelve pack of La Croix last night. Watch them look at you like you’re completely insane. Yet, back when I was a drinker, if I told people that I drank a twelve pack of Natty Light the previous night, that was treated like perfectly normal behavior.

I’ll give another example of the bizarre way we think about alcohol from my own experience. I quit drinking back in July, but I still find myself spending a lot of time in bars because I’m a musician. At a lot of gigs I would find myself with drink tickets and wondering what to do with them. Do I give them to my band mates and encourage negative behavior patterns? No. I decided to start redeeming my drink tickets for sugar-free Red Bulls! Very high-energy! However, when I would go up for my second sugar-free Red Bull, I would get one of these; “Whoa! Be careful!”. Bartenders and servers would offer me a word of caution over my caffeine consumption. Red Bull doesn’t even have that much caffeine! An 8.4 oz. can of Red Bull has 77 mg of caffeine! To put that in perspective, my usual morning dose of caffeine when I wake up is 400 mg! A mere 154 mg of caffeine is no cause for alarm! But, we don’t even bat an eye if someone is working on their fourth Two-Hearted Ale! And, you guys, Two-Hearted Ale has a butt-ton of alcohol!

But, this isn’t just musicians and bartenders who are going around with bizarre ideas about alcohol in their head. Even the medical community has fallen prey to the alcohol hypnosis! A friend shared this article on Facebook this morning which talks about how even doctors think about alcohol in a bizarre way! Alcohol is the fourth leading cause of preventable death and yet doctors don’t seem to take it very seriously! Even the doctors are under the alcohol-hypnosis, who’s gonna help us?

The good news is that if we have been hypnotized to think about alcohol in an unhealthy way, then we can be hypnotized to think about alcohol in a healthy way! Just look at certain religious people who would never even think of touching alcohol even though they know it would make them feel totally awesome! They’ve been hypnotized to think it’s evil and even though alcohol has an immediate euphoric effect, the spiritual damage they believe it would do is simply not a fair trade! You do not have to go that far! For instance, I hypnotized myself to see alcohol as a sedative! I constantly repeated this mantra; “Alcohol is a sedative, I’m high-energy!”. I came to view alcohol as a Benadryl with a crap load of empty calories!

If you’re looking for somewhere to start, try going to youtube and simply searching “hypnosis alcohol”. Search through the different videos and find one that works for you. The internet is an excellent resource! I would personally recommend this video!  Michael Sealey’s self-hypnosis videos are really great! And if you have any questions or there is something you would like to see me discuss on this blog, please feel free to email me at my high-energy email address chuckishighenergy@gmail.com!

The Final Stretch!!

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Hey, you guys! Chuck here!

At my heaviest I was 340! In my twenties I lost a lot of weight because I stopped overeating and started binge-drinking. I do not recommend this method for anyone. It did considerable damage to my physical and mental health. But, during June of last year I had what I refer to as the worst week of my life. My impacted wisdom became infected and started causing me some pretty severe pain and then I saw a bat and got really scared. I reached what Tony Robbins refers to as an “emotional threshold”, a “magical moment when pain becomes our friend”. I became determined to do whatever I could do within my own power to improve my physical and mental health! I became determined to quit drinking, start eating healthy, and unlock the secrets to being high-energy! For the first time in my adult life I began to lose weight in a healthy way.

My ultimate weight loss goal is 170, because reaching that mark would mean that I’ve lost half of my body weight. This would be an amazing achievement which very few people ever accomplish! If I can do this, there’s nothing I can’t do! My current weight is 179, which means I’ve lost 161 pounds and I am a mere nine pounds away from my ultimate weight loss goal! Not only will I definitely achieve my ultimate weight loss goal in 2017, but right now it’s looking like I’ll achieve it before this summer! I am less than ten pounds away from my ultimate weight-loss goal! My dream is quickly becoming my reality! I am in the final stretch!

In recent posts I’ve shared two science backed ultimate weight loss success secrets! The first was to skip breakfast! Scientists using science have demonstrated time and again that people who skip breakfast have weight loss success! The second was to pretend that you live in a universe where negative-calorie foods exist! Scientists, once again using science, have proven that while negative-calorie foods don’t exist, people who believe that they do have weight loss success! You know these secrets work because a.) they are backed by science and b.) you are watching me as I use them to achieve my ultimate weight loss success!

The third secret I’m going to share with you is this; don’t exercise to lose weight. Don’t get me wrong, you should definitely exercise, just not for the purpose of losing weight. You should exercise to improve your health, physical, mental, spiritual, and sexual. You should exercise because it’s fun! But, don’t exercise for the purpose of losing weight, that’s not what it’s for! Weight loss has to be a function of your diet, not your exercise routine! Simply put, it’s much easier to cut out calories from your diet then it is to burn them at the gym. For example, at my size, if I run at a 6 mph pace for a whole freaking hour I’ll burn around eight hundred calories. If my purpose is weight loss, the reward simply isn’t worth the work! And on top of that, exercise makes you hungry. It doesn’t do you any good to burn those eight hundred calories if you’re just gonna end up being so hungry that you eat an extra thousand. And the scientists have the science to confirm my suspicions! People who do lengthy cardio routines often overestimate the calories they’ve burned and underestimate the calories they eat! The scientists have actually found that people who exercise are more likely to gain weight! I’ll say that again! People who exercise are more likely to gain weight than lose it!

You have to think of weight loss as a function of your diet! Catalog your food, count your calories, and if you want to burn more calories than you consume, look for places in your diet where you can make cuts. I’ll say it again, it’s much easier to cut calories from your diet then it is to burn them at the gym! And if you’re like me and you exercise a whole bunch, be sure to keep track of what you’ve got going in and out. Accept the fact that if you exercise a bunch, you’re going to eat more. Do the math for yourself and make sure that your calories going out is more than your calories going in! That’s what I’m consistently doing every day of every week of every month so far this year! And it’s part of why I will definitely achieve my ultimate weight loss goal in 2017 and I’ll probably achieve it before this summer!

The Virtue Of Quitting

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Hey, you guys! Chuck here!

I had many successes in 2016! I’ll have many more successes in 2017! For example, my current weight is now 179, which means I am nine pounds a way from my ultimate weight loss goal! Which means I will definitely achieve my ultimate weight loss goal in 2017! That will be a huge success! The way it stands now, I’ll probably achieve this goal before the summer! Very exciting! One of my secrets to success is that I have a very high regard for quitting! Not just quitting like how I quit drinking, but quitting in the sense of giving up on something you were attempting to accomplish when it fails to reap proper rewards or just becomes excessively frustrating.

In our culture we tend to fetishize people who stick it out and persevere until they finally have their hard-earned success. We love movies about people who take on an unnecessarily difficult job and keep showing up day after grueling day until they achieve their ultimate victory, whether it be the young man who takes on a curmudgeon kung fu master or the teacher who takes on an unruly group of students. We love to see the hero grit their teeth, hold their ground, and eventually have success. And it’s a great story, but in real life I admire the person who gives up and tries to find something a little easier and more rewarding! The goal is to live a life full of fun challenges, not constant frustration! Always keep in mind the old adage about how insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!

I’ll give one example from my own life where I quit something and it turned out to be for the best! Six years ago when I began my career as a street performer I tried playing guitar and harmonica at the same time. I wanted to do something to make my street performance more dynamic and this seemed like the most obvious thing at first. But, two things inspired me to quit. First off, people kept requesting Bob Dylan and Neil Young songs. If you have  a harmonica around your neck, people automatically think Dylan and Young and that will always be the case, even if you’re singing Billie Holiday songs. The second thing was my deep respect for serious harmonica players like Peter “Madcat” Ruth. When you play guitar and harmonica at the same time, you’re going to do a mediocre job at both. The harmonica is a fantastic instrument and you can do some amazing things with it, but that just wasn’t the path I was destined to head down. As long as I played guitar and harmonica at the same time, I would never be that good at either and people would keep requesting Bob Dylan and Neil Young songs. So I quit. The frustrations were too great and the success was beyond reach. It was time to move on to something a little easier.

And as a result of having quit the harmonica, I ended up improving my guitar game and learning a new and more appropriate skill (mouth trumpet). People more readily recognize what it is I’m going for as a performer. My act is more refined and I owe that to quitting. Quitting is awesome!

A couple years later I was telling a man on the street why I had quit playing the harmonica. His response was “Ah, man! You should never give up on your dreams!”. He was missing the bigger picture. In this case, my dream wasn’t to be a great harmonica player, it was to be a great street performer. So remember to always keep the bigger picture in mind. Don’t confuse your dream of massive weight loss with the momentary goal of sticking to a new diet. Don’t confuse your dream of being a great teacher with the momentary goal of winning over a particular group of delinquent youth. And keeping the bigger picture in mind can help you know when it’s time to quit something. I recognized it was time to quit somewhere around the 300th Dylan request.


Hey, you guys! Chuck here!

I’ve received a lot of positive feedback for a recent blog post in which I told you about my massive weight loss and why I will definitely achieve my ultimate weight loss goal in 2017! At my heaviest I was 340 pounds and my current weight is 182 pounds, bringing my total weight loss thus far to 158 pounds! My ultimate weight loss goal is 170 pounds, because then I will be one half of what I was at my heaviest! That is an amazing success that very few people accomplish and I will definitely accomplish it in 2017! I know I will definitely accomplish it because my diet requires no willpower whatsoever! I limit my caloric intake to 2,300 calories a day, I exercise 45 minutes a day, and I eat the same thing everyday! Doing these things results in me consistently losing one to two pounds a week without any need for willpower! So, I will definitely reach my ultimate weight loss goal in 2017 and I can say with a fair amount of certainty that I’ll reach my ultimate weight loss goal before summer! It feels really good to know that I will have such an amazing success in 2017!

Today I would like to discuss what you should eat for breakfast if you want to have weight loss success! You ready? Here goes! Nothing! You should eat nothing for breakfast!

This is totally scientific, you guys! Scientists utilizing the scientific method found that people who eat breakfast and people who don’t eat breakfast generally consume the same amount of calories over the course of the rest of the day! The science tells us that regardless of whether or not you eat breakfast, you will be just as hungry around lunch time! And I’ve conducted my own science and it corroborates the science of the scientists! Since the beginning of 2017 I have been documenting my caloric intake everyday and I’ve observed that on the days I eat breakfast I tend to consume around 500 to 700 more calories then the days I don’t eat breakfast! If your goal is weight loss, science tells us that skipping breakfast is an almost guaranteed way to achieve that goal! Scientists doing science have also said that it doesn’t matter what time of day you eat, as long as you get sufficient calories and nutrition at some point during the day! So that thing your mom used to always tell you about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day is not very scientific!

I can also tell you from personal experience that the morning time is usually the easiest time to cut out a meal! The morning is usually when I’m the busiest! I’m doing my yoga, I’m getting ready for my day. And then if I’m not off to work, I’m usually in my office writing or working on music! Even when I do eat breakfast, I’m eating it in front of my laptop or with a guitar on my lap! At that point, breakfast has become an unnecessary distraction!

So skip breakfast and you will have weight loss success! It’s science! And in tomorrow’s high-energy blog post I will share with you another secret to weight loss success that is also backed up by science!



God Pt. 2

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Hey, you guys! Chuck here!

I would like to spend this beautiful First Sunday of Lent continuing my discussion on God and explaining what happens when you die! I’m aware of how absurd this proposal sounds! Why would anyone listen to what a street-performer has to say about what happens when you die? But, the way I see it, if a reality TV star can be the commander in chief of the world’s strongest military, then a street performer can tell you what happens when you die! I figure that I’m just as qualified as anyone to tell you what lies beyond the grave, and that is to say, that I’m not at all qualified! I call what I’m doing here entrepreneurial metaphysics, because I’m bringing the entrepreneurial spirit to the great questions that have plagued mankind since the dawn of time! There was a time when I assumed that certain industries were beyond the scope of the entrepreneurial spirit! But, then a reality TV star became the Leader of the Free World, and I realized that pretty much anything goes at this point!

In this post from a couple of weeks ago, I explained what God is. God is the giver of divine love. God created a vessel to fill with divine love. The vessel became ashamed because it had done nothing to earn God’s love. God warned the vessel that earning His/Her love would be very difficult, take a long time, and entail much suffering. The vessel was cool with that and God shattered it. And the purpose of life is to reassemble God’s creation and finally earn His/Her love. This is a concept of God which I’ve borrowed from Jewish mysticism. I think it’s the best explanation I’ve heard so far, so it’s the one I use, and I find it very practical.

What happens when you die is implied in this understanding of God and the meaning of life. Life has a purpose and we are here to do work! So, when you die, the universe puts you right back to work! When you die, you’re either not ready to receive God’s love, in which case you get reincarnated to continue to work on yourself, or you are ready and you realize that you’d rather stay behind and help those who aren’t, in which case you get reincarnated! Nobody gets out of this thing until everybody gets out of this thing! Just think of the most frustrating person in your life (for a lot of you, that’s probably the reality TV star)! You don’t get to go to Heaven until that guy does! I think Bernie Sanders said it best when he said “my spirituality is that we’re all in this together”. We are literally all in this together, there’s no one to hate. And we’ve got a lot of work to do! So, it’s very important that we’re happy, healthy, and high-energy!

I’ve borrowed this idea from Buddhism! In the Buddhist tradition there are what are called the Bodhisattva vows. One of those vows is the vow to liberate all beings. When a man or woman takes the Bodhisattva vows, they vow to prolong their own liberation until all sentient beings have attained liberation! When a Bodhisattva dies, they get reincarnated, and they get right back to work helping those of us who are still kind of bumbling around in our own confusion! Talk about high-energy and hardworking!

So that’s what happens when you die! You get right back to work! I’d like to remind you that this blog is intended for entertainment purposes and should not be used as a substitute for professional spiritual advice! If you have any serious questions about God or what happens when you die, consult a priest, rabbi, or guru or whatever! If you have any non-serious questions about God or what happens when you die, feel free to email me at chuckishighenergy@gmail.com. Please keep in mind that I make no claim to be any kind of spiritual authority nor the recipient of any kind of revelation. What I’m doing here is simply an experiment in entrepreneurial metaphysics and I thank you for bearing with me through it!

Weight Loss

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Hey, you guys! Chuck here!

I thought I would take a little time on this beautiful Ash Wednesday morning and talk a little bit about my massive weight loss and my ultimate weight loss goal which I will definitely achieve in 2017! I think Ash Wednesday is a great day to discuss this, because we’re all thinking about what changes we can make to better ourselves! I love Lent, it’s like a second chance at all of our failed New Year’s resolutions! And I definitely have some of those! But, that’s okay, anyways…

Here’s a picture of a picture of me when  I was 18 and fat!


This is me playing in a praise band at Vacation Bible School at the First Baptist Church of Hastings in, I believe, the summer of 1999. This is one of maybe 3 or 4 surviving photos which document me at my heaviest, I avoided getting my picture taken at all costs! At my heaviest I was 340. I don’t know if I’m there in this picture, but I’m definitely well over 300! The “Raw Is War” t-shirt I’m wearing in this picture is a 4 XL!

My massive weight loss is really not that admirable! I lost most of the weight in my twenties just because I switched up my bad habits! In my early twenties I traded in Taco Bell for Old Crow and my new bad habit accounted for about eighty five percent of my weight loss! So I’m well aware that losing weight and being healthy are two very different things! But, now I am doing both, losing weight and being healthy!

I’m currently weighing in at 182, which means my total weight loss is 158 pounds. My ultimate weight loss goal is 170, because then I will be literally half of what I used to be! When I tell people this, I get a lot of skepticism. People worry that maybe that is too thin. So, here’s a picture I took of myself about thirty minutes ago!


Look at me! Very slender and healthy! The Iron Man 2 soundtrack t-shirt I’m wearing in this photo is a medium! But, you will note that I do have some love handles going on and I have some fat deposits under my arms! I can definitely afford to lose another 12 pounds! And I will definitely do that in 2017! I will definitely achieve my ultimate weight loss goal and weigh one half of what I did at my heaviest! How many people can say that they’ve lost half of their body mass! This will truly be one of my greatest successes and I look forward to sharing it with you!

I know I will definitely do this because I have worked out a system which requires no willpower whatsoever! Since the New Year started I have been eating 2,300 calories a day and exercising approximately 45 minutes a day! With my current lifestyle, body type, and karma, this diet and exercise routine result in me consistently losing one to two pounds a week! All I have to do is not stop doing the very easy thing I am doing and I will definitely have my success!

Alcohol Hypnosis Pt. 2

Hey, you guys! Chuck here!

In my last post I told you that our society’s unnatural obsession with alcohol is a result of hypnosis and can be countered with self-hypnosis. Society has hypnotized us to think about alcohol in a certain way. We can hypnotize ourselves to think about alcohol differently. We can hypnotize ourselves to think about ourselves differently. I proposed the mantra “Alcohol is a sedative. I’m high-energy!”. This mantra redefines alcohol and ourselves.

Society tells you that alcohol is a social lubricant and you’re awkward and shy. Society tells you that alcohol makes white people dance and you’re white and awkward and shy. Society tells you that alcohol is liquid courage and you’re thirsty and cowardly and white and awkward and shy. Through hypnosis, society tells you how to define alcohol and yourself. Society tells you that there’s something wrong with you and alcohol can fix it. Through self-hypnosis you can change the way you define alcohol and yourself. You can tell yourself that you’re great and alcohol will only spoil you!

Back in June when I decided that I needed to quit drinking once and for all, I didn’t quit drinking right away. Instead I focused on redefining alcohol. I decided to continue to drink alcohol, but I would only use it as a sedative. I never drank at bars or parties. Instead, I would wait until I got home and allowed myself to drink alcohol for its sedating effects. When people would ask me why I wasn’t drinking, I explained that I didn’t drink when I went out because it made me sleepy. This was true. Alcohol makes me sleepy. I would assure people that when I got home I would proceed to get wasted. This made people feel better.

That’s right! It made them feel better to find out that I would be drinking later! You are going to find that when you tell people that you don’t drink anymore, it’s going to make them feel bad. I should just go ahead and prepare you for this now. People are going to feel bad when they find out you quit drinking. I’ll probably write a separate blog post for this phenomenon later!

But back to my initial point, telling people that I don’t drink in public because it makes me sleepy but I’ll drink at home to help me relax so that I can drift off into a peaceful night’s slumber had two effects. First, I didn’t get any of the initial pressure you will get from people when you tell them of your intentions of becoming alcohol-free. And second, the more I went around telling people that alcohol is a sedative the more it became my reality.

In Robert Cialdini’s book Inlfuence: The Psychology of Persuasion, he discusses what he calls the six “Weapons of Influence”. Number two is consistency. Human beings have a subconscious urge to be consistent. The more I told people that alcohol had an overwhelming sedating effect, the more I came to believe it and the more it came to be real to me. In order for my brain to be at ease with itself, it had to match my own perceptions of alcohol with what I was telling people my perceptions of alcohol were. I was effectively hypnotizing myself to see alcohol as a sedative. I had turned alcohol into benadryl with a crap load of empty calories! When I told people that I thought of alcohol as a sedative, the social animal in me needed to be consistent with the words I was saying!

The next step was to redefine myself! The words I chose to redefine myself were “high-energy”. These words allowed me to define myself in a positive way that would be spoiled by alcohol! Alcohol is a sedative, I’m high-energy! I no longer saw alcohol as a solution to something that was wrong with me! Rather, I saw alcohol as something that would spoil the very best thing about me!